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Audio Cleanup Services

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Are you in need of Professional Audio Clarity & Enhancement?

Searching for a professional company to help with audio restoration, video enhancement, or background noise removal from a digital file or audio recordings?

We help attorneys, law enforcement agencies, employers, hobbyists, and more clear up a wide variety of audio-video files and situations with noisy audio problems. 

Have quality issues on voice recordings? Do your audio tracks hiss or have wind noise, background music, or other sound effects that make it difficult to hear the dialogue clearly? No problem!

Service Overview

Who Do We Work With?

Anyone with an audio file

  • Musicians & Producers 

  • Criminal defense lawyers

  • Prosecuting attorneys

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Child protective services

  • Employers & Vendors

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Audio Cassettes
What Do We Need To Get Started?

Copy of the file

  • A digital copy of the source recording (video or audio).

  • A description of how the audio was recorded and in what environment.

  • Any specific time stamps on the audio recording that are of higher priority.

Audio Cleanup Examples

Audio Engineering

  • Editing & Mixing for Musicians

  • Dialogue Cleanup

  • Voice Enhancement

  • Remove Wind Noise

  • Volume Increase/Decrease

  • Audio/Old Recording Cleaning

  • Voicemail/911 Call Cleanup

  • Hidden Microphone Recording Cleaning Up

Mixer Keys

Vocalist, Musicians, & Producers

Mixing, Enhancement, Syncing & More

Legal Teams, Government Agencies, & Professional Businesses 

Clarity, Enhancement, Noise Cancellation

Influencers, Filmmakers, and Online Enthusiast

Audio w/ Video, Cleanup & Syncing

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